Peter Walwyn – Chairman of the LTA

Retired from training in November 1999. Having been Champion Trainer twice (winning prize money 1974 and 1975) and twice leading trainer in Ireland. Champion trainer three times (winning and place money) 1969, 1975 and 1976). Won most races in a season six times and trained nearly 2,000 winners in the United Kingdom, USA, France, Ireland, Italy and Germany from 1960 to 1999.

Since his retirement he has been appointed an Honorary Member of the Jockey Club, and has been awarded the Cartier Award of Merit in December 1999 and the George Ennor Special Award at the Derby Awards.

He is a Freeman of the City of London and has been appointed honorary Life President of The British Racing School and Yeoman of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers. He is also President of the Vine and Craven Foxhounds, on the Council of the Animal Health Trust and a Trustee of The Horseracing Museum, Newmarket.

He was appointed an MBE in January 2012.

Rockfel, Wantage Road,
Lambourn, Berkshire RG17 8UF.
Tel: 01488 71347
Fax: 01488 72664
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Jean Ashdown-Coates says:

    Dear Mr,. Walwyn,

    Seems the easiest step to contact you – Since visiting you in March, have tried several times to send my letter. Already written, was prepared to deliver by hand on same day as Lambourn Open Day, but when visiting just two stables taking three hours and each end of the Lambourn map it didn’t happen. Nicky Hendserson and Oliver Sherwood -Was hoping to visit Harry Dunlop, but time beat me. Many things have gone a little wrong with my correspondence to you, i.e. no ink, etc. But pleased to announce a letter will be on it’s way soon. All will be explained. Again I do sincerely apologise for this delay. Jean Ashdown-Coates.

  2. Jean Ashdown-Coates says:

    Dear Mr. Walwyn,

    It was so lovely to see you again and share amazing memories – And quite impressed by the fact that you who rode Mrs. McArdy – Couldn’t believe it when you said Edward Hide, especially as it wasn’t trained by you. A good memory Mr Walwyn and still going strong. I couldn’t believe your loo – It fascinated me – I suppose somebody like me whose father was a compulsive gambler, whereby it was not good times back then -I am now one of the luckiest of people. Meeting you, Lester Piggott and Lord Grimthorpe, etc. , those sad times has led to good times. Thank you and God Bless.

  3. Jean Ashdown-Coates says:

    Good Morning Mr. Walwyn,

    It was lovely to see you in Thame just a while ago. Although not so nice occasion when for Pat Eddery’s OBE., funeral. Must have been shocking news for you. I am only a racing enthusiasts and was something of a shock for me. I had met Pat Eddery a few times, of which he was one of the nicest and genuine people I have met in racing. I am planning to come across and see you before Christmas – Do let me know when this is convenient for you. But I will try and ring you if that is OK. God Bless – Jean Ashdown Coates.

  4. Jean Ashdon-Coates says:

    Dear Mr, Walwyn,

    I have sent you a letter via Oaksey House, I do hope you receive it.

    Hope you are ok.

    Jean Ashdown-Coates.

  5. lta101 says:

    Dear Danny, please email Peter at [email protected] as he may not see this comment

  6. Danny Power says:

    Dear Peter,
    We are doing a story on the legacy to Australian breeding of Lunchtime—I am sure you remember him well. He plays a significant role in the pedigrees of some of our fastest horses, including Black Caviar. I would like a comment from you on Lunchtime when you trained him to win the Dewhurst and if you followed his stud career. Also, can you tell me the name of his owner … I only have it listed as R Poole.
    Kind regards and good health
    Danny Power
    Slattery Media Group
    Melbourne, Australia

  7. Peter Walwyn says:

    We are both thrilled with my award, not only for me and my wife, but also for Lambourn and racing

  8. Trevor Bishop says:

    Dear Peter
    I was delighted to read of your MBE. Nobody deserves this recognition more than you. Your dedication not only to our sport but also your efforts in respect of racing charities are an example to us all. Many congratulations.
    Trevor Bishop ( Ex BTRB)

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