Henry Tett

Delamere Stables
Baydon Road, Lambourn, Berkshire. RG17 8NT.

Mobile: 07796098220

One Response to Henry Tett

  1. Hello Henry and team

    We wanted to touch base to check that the drybrow hat liner samples had arrived for you? We would be extremely grateful for any feedback you could offer on our new product.

    To update you on drybrow’s developments – we have just completed the second design phase, making further improvement to the absorbency and adhesive qualities of the liners. Once in place, they stick tight, drawing moisture quickly away from your skin and provide a barrier to the inside of your hat.

    We hope you and the team found drybrow to be a useful product, keeping heads and hats cleaner and dryer! We have an offer in place providing a generous discount to large set ups and yards with bulk orders. Please check out the Drybrow shop on our website http://www.drybrow.com

    Finally drybrow are beginning a sponsorship programme. If this is of interest to you, or your team members please get in touch.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards

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