Dan Abbott

Has spent a lifetime in Marketing & Advertising and together with Peter Walwyn set up the Lambourn Trainers Association in 1989. Has had a number of horses trained in The Valley of the Racehorse including popular gelding GILDERDALE, winner of 1 races at 14 different racecourses & retired at 12 years old.

Dan founded www.racingalbums.com in 1981, trading as Peregrine Advertising, which creates top quality Racing Albums for Owners, Trainers, Breeders & Jockeys. Backed up by in depth research, excellent calligraphy & hand painted racing colours these albums can be updated annually & are made to last a lifetime. He includes among his regular clients, some of the best-known names in racing.

Visit our website¬† at www.racingalbums.com or email [email protected] ¬†for our Brochure and Broadsheet detailing latest commissions. We are also on Facebook and welcome any Owners, Trainers, Breeders, Jockeys as friends.

Recent commissions include albums for SIR ALEX FERGUSON, THE LLOYD-WEBBER FAMILY & ANDY STEWART.

Dan Abbott The only Creator of Fine Racing Albums since 1981

No commission is too large or too small

Peregrine Advertising, Leeches House,
Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9RG
Tel: 01273 493000
Mobile: 07918 661103
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.racingalbums.com

3 Responses to Dan Abbott

  1. Hi Dan,
    My Step-Father use to own a share in Gilderdale with Abbot Partners (Hefe Sampson – my Mother Julie Sampson nee Mercer, I am looking to have a leg in an animal do you still have anything available and what would be the implications of putting them in the name of the company).
    Kind regards,

  2. Gabi Bourke says:

    Hi my name is Gabi Bourke I’m a flat jockey from sweden orginally from Ireland and working in the uk now. I have ridden 4 winners 3 seconds 4 thirds and 4 fourths my lowest weight is 8atone 4lb I would love too become apprentice I craduated from race in kildare in 2011/2012 I have worked in many yards and loads of experience willing too work I’m 19 years old. Love horses more then anything.
    Contact email [email protected]

  3. Hello Dan and Sue, will call you sometime and just wanted to say hello, and ask who is Andy Stewart, dad’s old friend maybe who loved watching Leading Artist..how’s Flapper doing your latest successful horse?Hope all the family are well, Vicks, Sarah and Chris?
    Card in the post for you.Love Rupert.

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