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  1. christopher bailey says:

    to all the people who are doubting a top trainer, you sit there listening to people talk on a morning show, channel 4 racing, put a few bets on and think your good enough to tell a ‘cheltenham festival’ winning trainer on his website what to do? this man eats sleeps and lives racing, day in day out, so much hard work and knows everything there is to know. so while your sitting there in your 9-5//5 days a week job, this guys stables are up at 4/5am EVERYday. no ‘9-5 hours, no 5 days a week’… so while your sitting there stuffing your faces putting your last 5£ bet on trying to blame the trainers choice or jockeys fault (like they made you put that bet on) show some respect for these hard working people

  2. mr terry briden says:

    hello to all, its the first time ive visited your web site, i cant believe all the nasty things people say to you, its rude and unfair. please asure yourself that real horse people love all what you do with your horses. good luck for the future have a lovely cheltenham. win or lose. just all be safe.

  3. dennis says:

    year 2009 i have had £40.000 on Binocular at 6/4 to win the champion hurdle. he lost then won a year later at 9/1 i was gutted.
    now i want back Long Run to get my losses, but not very confident with the jockey. My sellection for the cheltenham are Grandout and Spirit Son for the CH
    Sprinter Sacre for the Arkle
    Big Bucks for the W.H
    Long Run for the Gold Cup
    I just need help please.
    Many thanks Dennis

  4. dennis says:

    Mr Henderson Can you please get B,G on LONG RUN……
    or any other pro jockey,, then everyone will see power of the LONG RUN..

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